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LCD Series Solar Charge Controller


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LCD charge controller

with build-in Thermoscope !!!


This product is controlled by CPU, having a perfect SOC management function, so they are able to control the charge current and decide whether to supply power to the loads according to the voltage of battery.

12V-24V automatically identified
48V version also available for 40a, 50a, 60a versions

Special Features :

•When Controller is normally working, the LCD Screen will show the voltage of the battery, charging current and currents of loads in turns of every 5 seconds.    

5 seconds
5 seconds

•Shows the battery capacitance

•Users could setup the Charge-on or off voltage, the load-off voltage, the Load-on voltage, etc, according to their requirements.

•The memory of the controller records the charging current data and discharging current data of the battery.        

•When controller start up, according to the voltage level of battery, Controller will self-setup the Charging-off voltage, the Load-off voltage, the Load-on voltage.        

•The Controller will automatically compensate the temperature of the charging voltage according to the changes of the ambient temperature.        

•To prevent battery from over discharging, Controller will automatically control the lowest Load-off voltage of the load, which is no less than 10V (as per 12V battery) or 20V (as per 24V battery). To recover the default parameters, please keep pressing down the button "Menu" for over 5 seconds.

Basic Features :

•Always keep the battery on full voltage condition.       

•Prevents the battery from over-charging.        

•Prevents the battery from over-discharging.        

•Prevents the battery from reverse charging to solar panels during nights.        

•Reverse Polarity Protection for Battery        

•Reverse Polarity Protection for Solar panels        

•When the current of load exceeds the rated current of controller, the controller will activate the protection mode and locked up, the LCD shows "Overload".        

•When the load short circuit, the controller will activate the protection mode and lock up, the LCD show "Short circuit".        

•When the battery voltage is low, the controller will automatically cut off the load from system and the LCD shows "Battery Low". If the voltage of battery is back to normal and the loads will restart working.        

•Protection from the lightning strike        

Specification :





50A 60A

Rated Voltage

12V or 24V (Automatic voltage recognition) / 48V

Max Load current




50A 60A

Input current range

12V~20V / 24V40V / 48V ~ 60V

Length≤1m Charge loop drop


Length≤1mDischarge loop drop


Full charge cut

default : 13.7V / 27.4V / 54.8V (Adjustable)

Low voltage cut

default : 10.5V~11V / 21V~22V / 42V (Adjustable)

Temperature compensation


No load loss



Max wire area



Ambient temperature


Download User Manual : Page 1, Page 2




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