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Industrial Series Solar Charge Controller

Compared with general solar charge controllers,

this controller Accepts as high as 47v input from solar panel.


The circuit board is completely electronically protected and a large display informs the users about all operating modes with the aid of symbols including voltage, current and state of charge.

Four Series Available :

12v series : Accepts Max 29v (open circuit voltage) input
12v/24v series : 12V-24V automatically identified
12v/24v timer series : It comes with timer function on loading.
12v/24v MPPT series : Charges 10 to 30% more energy into Battery.

Features :

  • •Microcontroller digital accuracy.

    •Voltage series regulation.

    •PWM control / MPPT (for mppt series).

    •State of Charge (SoC) advanced technology.        

    •Temperature compensation.        

    •Common positive grounding.


Graphical LCD Display shows operating states

          - for operation state of charge, fault messages.


Voltage of Battery :


Charging Current :


Loading Current :



Rated Voltage

12V /  24V  

Max Load current


Input Voltage range (Open Circuit)


Typical Idle Consumption


Degree of Protection


Full charge cut

13.4V..14.2V / 26.9V..28.4V

Low voltage cut

11V..11.5v / ~22V..23v

Boost Charge Voltage

14.4V / 28.8V

Reconnection Voltage

12.5V / 25V

Max wire area


Ambient temperature





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