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Successed Projects
  Off Grid


Zero Carbon Building : Kowloon Bay



Kowloon - Solar System for Solar Cafe held by Greenpeace.


The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Tseung Kwan O Learning Centre & Service Counter


Hong Kong Island - Solar LED System for hoarding, covered walkway outside a construction site.


New Territoroies - Solar System for EMSD Construction Site.


Hong Kong Island and Kowloon - Solar Ventilation System for Swimming Pools.


Hong Kong Island - Solar LED System for Bus Stops.


Kowloon - Solar LED Pole (Maintainance : replacing low quality product)


Hong Kong Island - Solar System for Lighting.



Site located in Kowloon :Solar and Wind Hybrid System



Kai Tak Airport : Traffic guildence light powered by off-grid solar system.

Sheung Shui construction site : Provide solar and wind lighting system for security kiosk.

School in Tung Chung : Solar energy for vantilation system.

etc .................


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