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Wind turbines generate electricity, free, clean electricity which you can use to power specific equipment, your home or business. This electricity is yours to use as you wish.  In many countries the local electricity provider will buy the electricity you produce. You can sell all of your electricity or just the surplus that you do not need to power your own installation. With the right size, grid connected wind turbine you can ensure that your total power needs are catered for and you can sell the power that you generate but don't need, at night for example, to the local utility.

Features :

Small and Powerful: With the highly efficient blades, controller and alternator, the SmartAirMov VI can provide the most output in the world at the same size, weight and rotating diameter.

Easy Installation : Can be done in 15 minutes

Rotate = Charge : The SmartAirMov VI allows the Wind Generator to reach the charging voltage at a very low wind speed (2.1 m/s).

Suitable for Low or High Wind Speed :3 or 6 blades installation suitable to different weather.

Application :

  • Boat, static caraven, RV's
  • Remote Cabins, sheds, buildings
  • Road Light
  • electric fences and security systems

Alternator :

  • Permanent magnet alternator with internal AC-DC rectifiers
  • No commutator bruses to wear out or give electrical noise
  • Low cogging design, easy to start-up
  • Strong Magnet for higher power

Electrometic Protection :
  • Open circuit protected
  • Short circuit protected
  • Reverse battery connection protected
  • Strong wind speed protected
  • Battery over charge protection

Running :

  • Charges at low wind speed
  • Charges battery from flat
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Smooth and quiet running
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sleek, tough and elegant
  • Totally sealed for long life

Blades :
  • Multi-blade turbine for easy start-up
  • Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene
  • Aerodynamic curve
  • UV resistant

Main Body and Hub :

  • Made from die cast aluminum
  • Rainforced at important locations
  • Surface oxidization processing
  • Salt, mist corrosion resistant
  • IP 65 qualified

Specification :

Start-up Wind Speed 2.1M/s
Power Rating 250w
voltage Output 12V or 24 VDC
Max Power Output 400w
Turbine Diameter 1.12m
Blade Material Glass fibre reinforced
Body Material Die Cast Aluminum
Survival Wind Speed 40m/s
Net Weight 10kg
Certificate CE, ROHS




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